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Fuelling your ski holiday

If you're anything like me, you know exactly how many days until the Aussie ski season starts, and you've already booked at least one trip, if not several. But what if I told you that nailing your diet could make your holiday even better?

Well, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Now there's obviously a broad range of types of skiers - there's the ski from lift open til close type (me), right through to the more casual hope on hop off, enjoy the apres scene skier. Regardless, here are THREE things worth considering out on the snow:

  • Being cold doesn't mean you won't dehydrate - you still sweat in cold climates and you lose moisture through breathing. A day on the slopes will dehydrate you and you will wake up the next day with more muscle fatigue if you don't stay on top of this. Make sure you're taking in plenty of water at each meal and before you even head out onto the snow. Personally, one of the things I loved about skiing in Japan earlier this year was the miso soup and green tea that came with just about every meal- it made staying hydrated so effortless and my body felt great for it. Also, watch out for apres time- there's nothing wrong with enjoying a mug of gluhwein at the end of a day of skiing, but alcohol is dehydrating so keep an eye on the number of schnapps you knock back around the fire. For the more hardcore skier who prefers to stay on the slopes as much of the day as possible, without breaks, consider wearing a hydration pack.
  • Altitude affects your metabolism - and given skiing takes place at altitude, if you've booked yourself into a lodge for the entire school holidays this is well worth thinking about. Higher altitudes increase your metabolism while also decreasing your appetite. So you need more food, but want less. Be aware of this and make sure that you put in an effort to eat throughout the day. I'm a big fan of keeping snacks in just about every pocket in my ski jacket and my kids' jackets. At meal times, make each meal count - start the day with a good breakfast, and look for healthier lunch and dinner options if you are eating out with a good serve of lean proteins.
  • Stoke your immune system - because its cold up there in the middle of Winter and extreme temperatures can affect your immunity. This comes back to the basics of healthy habits and including a variety of wholegrains, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and lean proteins in your diet, all of which will support your immune system so you're not stuck in bed while everyone else is out enjoying the snow.

Stay on top of these tips and you'll be the last man or woman standing at the end of every day!

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