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Metabolism, weight loss and athletic performance

My clients often talk about their metabolism and get tangled up in negative self talk about having “slow metabolism”.

Part of the problem with this, is that it becomes an excuse that we impose on ourselves. However, instead, our metabolism can be something we understand and use to reach our goals.

A variety of factors influence our metabolism such as our age, our genetics, our body weight, the foods we eat, and our energy expenditure.

So when we look at weight loss as an example, we need to make sure there is a small deficit between what our body needs and what we give it. While still being mindful of maintaining enough energy coming in so as not to break down muscle. Because muscle breakdown this would slow our metabolism. We also need to be mindful that as we lose weight, we need less energy. Afterall, if we lose 5kgs, then that’s 5kgs less of effort. And then finally, the more we restrict our calories, the more efficient our body becomes at using what we do put in.

You can also take understanding your metabolism a step further, and look at which fuel types your body burns at different intensities. Why would you want to do that?

Well, if your goal is weight loss, a metabolic efficiency test can tell you at what heart rate you burn the most fat.

And if you’re an athlete there are some potential advantages to understanding when your body switches from mostly fat as a fuel to carbohydrates. Knowing this means that you can train your body to use a bit more fat at higher intensities and may not need to rely as heavily on large carbohydrate intakes.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, and have hit a plateau or feel stuck – don’t despair.

And if you’re an athlete in training, trying to get the most out of your body, there are plenty of opportunities to manipulate your metabolism to reach your goals.

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