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4 tips for staying active every day

Almost half of Australians do little to no physical activity. But alongside diet, movement is the second most common thing I recommend.

When you look at the the recommended amount of exercise we should be doing each week, its really not that much, when you consider the health benefits, such as:

  • weight management
  • improved mental health
  • lowered risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease
  • lowered cholesterol
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower risk of falls and fractures
  • improved bone and muscle strength

So I don't see 150 minutes of exercise as a burden - I see it as an opportunity to be in control of your health. Really, 150 minutes is just 20 minutes a day of getting a little bit sweaty and raising your heart rate. Even if you work in an office, sitting at a desk all day, there are opportunities to achieve this throughout your day. So here are my 4 tips to get moving at work:

  1. Walk or ride instead of drive. Or park a little bit further away and walk the difference. This is such an easy opportunity to get your heart rate up, and work up a bit of a sweat on the way home if you don't have showers at work.
  2. Take the stairs. Sure, there are elevators in most shopping centres, car parks and workplaces, or escalators. But by the time you've waited for them, its no slower to have just walked. OR, if you have stairs at work, why not schedule in a stretch break a couple of times a day where you walk up and down the stairs a couple of times.
  3. Stand instead of sitting. Have standing meetings, or go for a "walk and talk". There are plenty of benefits to be had to your posture, mobility and back and neck stiffness, just by switching it up throughout the day.
  4. Do something on the spot: jog, jump, squat, basically anything you can think of that gets your body moving and your heart working a little bit harder. It'll perk you up during the day and again, its an easy opportunity for a few extra minutes of movement in your day!

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