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My last diet didn't work out. And here's why

We make being human complicated. If you were a lion and you had a want, that’s it, off you’d go into the African Savanna to make it so. And if you were to fail, you’d go back again until that need was satisfied.

Not humans though. As humans, our desires are only as strong as those desires themselves. Let me explain…

The last time you tried a diet or tried to start an exercise program, why did you stop? Most likely you made excuses that allowed you to fail. We create narratives that make us feel comfortable with our failures. It sounds harsh, but its true. “I’m too busy” or “too tired” aren’t reasons not to follow something through, unless that something really didn’t mean as much to you as you thought. Unless you truly desire those things, you may as well stop wasting your time. My most successful clients are those who have set a clear goal and are 100% committed to making a change. They make that goal, that desire, a singular focus.

We see the same through life, the most successful people are those who have a goal that they desire, and they work towards that goal above all else. The saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” - its true. Nothing in this life is free – you must work for it. And where does the motivation for work come from? Desire.

If the status quo is enough for you, if you want to sit back and wait for success to fall in your lap, you will fail 99% of the time. The other 1% is sheer luck.

I don’t run my life on luck.

“But I’ve tried and failed before”. So what? Does that make it impossible? How successful do you think you’ll be if you allow past failure to control future success? A lack of success is only failure if you choose to allow it to defeat you. If you truly desire that thing, then why would you accept defeat? Was your desire not really strong enough? Or perhaps you didn’t want to put in the work?

You see, there are millions of people all over the world who believe they have no control, or no self control. They believe that they “can’t do it”, whatever their “it” might be. But you see, those people create their own misfortune. The stories we tell ourselves embed in our minds. We plant a seed and as it takes root it can poison our physical reality. So, what if you were to replace that seed thought? What if you took your desire, and you believed in yourself, would it not be true then that the subconscious thoughts you planted would flourish and translate into positive action?

We trap ourselves in circular circumstances. We trap ourselves in our minds instead of freeing them, nourishing them with positive affirmations, belief and faith. If you give a tree water and good soil, will it not thrive?

Allow your mind to be dominated by positive emotions, positive thought patterns. Visualise the goal that you desire, nourish that seed. Perhaps you don’t truly believe at first - say you do anyway. Tell your mind that you can do it, that your goal is achievable. Tell your mind just how much you desire change.

The next time you set out with a goal, be sure that you truly desire it. Approach it with a plan, build a success mindset and believe in yourself. It's time to get off the fence and pick a direction.

My Mind, Body, Action Plan takes you through the steps you need to make lasting healthy changes in your life, whatever your goals.

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