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Can you really boost your immune system?

As restrictions ease and the promise of some normality returning arises, is there anything we can do to help stay healthy?

In short, yes there is. But our immune system is complex and its affected not only by the hear and now. Our longer term health such as our weight and metabolic health all have a role to play too, as does your gut health.

Our bodies in general, and indeed our immune systems, are dependant on certain nutrients to function properly. And therefore, there are foods and food groups that can positively impact our health by providing all of the essentials. Some of these nutrients include zinc, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin D, and iron.

Does that guarantee you won't ever catch a cold - of course not! However, an overall healthy diet, with plenty of essential nutrients will help protect you enough that you most likely become as unwell as you would otherwise.

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