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Eating out: Healthy Tips

Eating out is pleasurable. Aside from the fact that food obviously tastes better when someone else makes it, eating out is social. Though at the same time, eating out can easily blow out your healthy habits.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Eating out can still be as healthy as it is enjoyable, or close. By the same token, if you aren't eating out every day, there's really nothing to stop you from having the occasional indulgent meal. But if you are trying to build new healthy habits, eat out regularly, or would just prefer to stick to your routine there are some clever tips you can follow to help you make healthier choices when you are eating out:

How has your feed been cooked?

Reach for grilled, steamed or poached options over fried. Instead of ordering fish and chips, ask for a piece of grilled fish and a salad. Grab a grilled chicken breast instead of schnitzel. A good indicator of the way your food has been prepared can be found on the menu. Typically anything that is described as crispy, pan fried or sauteed is going to be cooked in oil

Healthy Swaps

If you're having a lunch out, you can still have that delicious looking sandwich but make sure its full of veggies, some lean protein and on a wholemeal/wholegrain bread. If you order a dish that comes with fries, swap them out for a baked potato or a salad.

Decide how many courses you're having before you sit down

I don't see any need to deprive yourself completely when you go out to enjoy a meal. So if entree is your thing, then order an entree and a main. Or if you have a sweet tooth order a dessert. But try to steer away from regularly ordering entree, main and dessert. Also, depending on who you're heading out with, you can skip enter altogether and still manage two different dishes with the half-time swap! What is this half-time of which I speak? I do this with my shebang all the time: together we decide on two dishes that have the most appeal. They arrive, we eat half of what is on our plate, and then we swap plates. It's like two meals and all the pleasure of multiple courses, without twice the meal.

For more tips on eating your way through the holiday season without the guilt, you can download my 9 tips to surviving the holiday season, here.

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