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Without looking at my calendar, I can predict when my period is due based solely on my capacity to exercise. I was out mountain biking with my husband a few weeks ago and my whole body felt off. Not only was I feeling exhausted, but I lacked my usual confidence on the tougher sections that typically give me thrills. A week later, my body felt better than ever. It wasn't what I had eaten during the day, nor was it a difference in my sleep or my body being run down. It was my hormones. Sound familiar?

Our attitudes to our bodies and the world around us are very much formed in those early years of life, where some of our biggest influencers are our parents. This parenting gig is hard- we are literally responsible for creating human beings, keeping them safe and shaping them into healthy, kind and socially aware human beings. And they do not make it easy for us. In fact I was lamenting just that, earlier today with a colleague and the vast array of expletives we both wanted to use with our kids this morning just trying to get out of the house.

Nothing prepares you for motherhood. Not the overdramatised TV shows, or your friends' horror stories or the cautionary tales from your own mother. There have been days I have wished away, moments I'd questioned what on earth I'd done to myself and periods of time where I've just wished everyone would go away and leave me alone. They are completely normal feelings that every mother has at some point.

So you've embarked on a new health kick. Maybe you downloaded or purchased a meal plan from the internet. You've stuck to it religiously but your weight has barely shifted. Or maybe you've used meal plans in the past but found that over time the weight has crept back on after the 6, 8, 12 weeks was up and have tried to go back on that diet and nothing is happening.

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