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The last week has literally been a whirlwind of change for my family, and at Nourish-Meant HQ. Late last year I introduced a new, secure tele-health platform so I could reach more of my clients, in a more lifestyle friendly way. Well since then, not only has Nourish-Meant grown online, but I will be opening rooms in Canberra as well.

I don't think a day goes bye that at least one client doesn't say to me, "my child is a fussy eater". And then they reach school age and we have to work out how to pack a lunchbox that won't come back still full. Sound familiar?

 If you're like me and no doubt, thousands of adults around the world, shopping is the bane of your existence. For many of my clients there is an added layer of agony that comes with grocery shopping and that is "what should and shouldn't I buy?". Whilst I do not subscribe to the notion of excluding foods or buying tonnes of so called superfoods, there are some really simple tips that I'd love to impart, that will ease your grocery shopping agony.

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