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Life is busy. There's no question about that. Technology has added to the constant and sometimes overwhelming 'noise' that we need to filter through each and every day. Life can leave us burnt out, we multitask while really only paying attention to a fraction of what are doing. It can be hard to focus and be in the moment. Enter mindfulness. 

This week I thought I would share my system for feeding my family. I quite literally have a system. And I find it to be the easiest way to make sure that we eat plenty of variety in our fruits and veggies, don't lose my sanity and am not forever running out to buy groceries. Because who has time for that? Not I, and probably not you either.

Like countless other women, I had endometriosis. Endometriosis can be a nasty disease that causes pain, infertility and abnormal periods. It can also have no symptoms. You can have the tiniest endometrial lesions and experience unimaginable pain, or you can have large amounts of endometriosis and have no pain whatsoever.

I often get asked, "does it really matter if I don't breastfeed?" My answer is "yes and no". There are advantages and disadvantages to both. But if you want my honest opinion, if you can do it and it feels right for you, then do.

About two years ago, under the advice of my husband's personal trainer, before Paleo became popular and cool (yep, I'm a trendsetter), I tried the Paleo diet. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm serious, but not for the reasons you are expecting.

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