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Patients often come in with results from blood tests and at least once a day cholesterol comes up as being an issue. Bringing those bloods back down to an acceptable level however, doesn't have to be an issue. But first, we need to understand what exactly cholesterol is and therefore what 'high cholesterol' actually means.

Being a mum can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But it's also hard work with very little downtime and, let's face it, kids are little disease vectors. I'm writing this post for my friend and all of the other mums who have had a rough year with their immune systems and are heading into summer, still fighting off infection after infection. These are my top six tips for nourishing your body back to full strength, and keeping it there.

So, your little one is showing the signs of being ready for food, or you are starting to think about that exciting day when you give your baby his or her first taste of food. But what now? What signs do you look for when you are thinking about starting solids? When should you start solids? What should you start with? These are all important questions but before I get there I want to talk about 'why' we start solids when we do and some of the developmental changes that are happening in your child at this time.

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