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2 Ingredient chocolate mousse

Dessert has never been so easy. Yes it has actual chocolate in it, but it's dessert. I'm not suggesting you eat this every day or for breakfast. I'm saying you should make this for those you love and sit down and enjoy it, because its pretty darn awesome.

And nutritionally, it's not horrendous. But lie I said, it's dessert. Also, added bonus, its dairy free if that's an issue for you.

I made 4 generous serves but I feel as though this could easily stretch to 6 small serves.


  • 110g dark chocolate. The darker it is i.e. 80% cocoa, the lower the sugar and more intense the flavour
  • 3 eggs


Separate your eggs so that you have a big bowl with your whites and a small bowl with your yolks.

Grab yourself a whisk, I use an electric whisk personally, and beat the whites until they become stiff, like you would a meringue. While you're beating, melt your chocolate. I do this in the microwave. Some would be horrified by that fact but its quick, easy and works just as well in my opinion.

Add your melted chocolate to your egg yolks and beat until combined. Then, slowly, one scoop at a time, add egg whites to your chocolate mixture and gently fold each one through. Once you're about halfway through your whites, you can just tip your chocolate mixture straight into the whites and fold gently until combined.

At this point you can either plate the mousse into individual containers in serving sizes of your choosing, or put the whole bowl into the fridge.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, until set.

I like to serve this with some strawberries and/or sliced almonds.

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