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My foray into one handedness has led me to be a bit creative with meals. Everything takes me twice as long to do, and I literally can barely hold food still with my bad hand so I can slice with my right. I still have a family to feed though. So this one pot wonder really hit the spot!

My tummy was feeling a bit out of sorts last week- I had eaten too many high FODMAP foods that don't agree with me over the last few weeks, and was under a lot of stress. But all I wanted was quiche. So I improvised and it was delicious! This recipe does have some dairy in it but you could comfortably swap it out for an alternative, which I'll make a note of as I go.

You know those days when you plan what you're going to eat for the week and then the last thing you feel like doing is eating what you had planned to eat? This was one of those recipes. It was hot, and the last thing I felt like eating was hot pasta. So I improvised and I think it may actually be even tastier this way!

This recipe was born out of a desire to not turn the oven on because it was too hot, but still eat what we had intended to for dinner. My original plan was black bean burners served with corn on the cob and some veggies. It became a delicious zingy salad with plenty leftover for lunches the next day.

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