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Convincing kids to eat new veggies can be hard. And there are some veg that no matter how hard you try, they just won't eat. There are also some, like cauliflower, that can be hard to hide in other foods. But I garnet you, this pizza recipe will have them fooled.

Peanut butter chicken is just "kid" for satay. For simplicity's sake, I told the kids we were having peanut butter chicken for dinner. Did giving it a different name make them more likely to eat it? Probably not, but it did save me the explanation of what exactly satay is.

The Thompson's Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup is my new go to when we get home late after Judo. It has to be one of the quickest, easiest recipes in the world and make for a super hearty dinner on its own or with a salad. It is a specialty of some friends of ours and they are happy for me to share it with you - Thank you Thompsons!!

My pear smoothie was the result of a typical Monday - there's no food in my house because my grocery deliveries haven't arrived yet - and I have two hungry children wanting afternoon tea. 

My nut free lamington balls are a hit with my kids and their friends. And if I am really honest, I also can't get enough. Just remember, even though they are made from good ingredients, they are still a treat.

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