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Performance, in every aspect of your life.

Helping you unlock your potential by building long lasting habits for health, wellness and performance without being dominated by the next fad diet or meal plan.


Do these sound familiar to you?

Are you suffering from all day fatigue?

This could be affecting your athletic performance and your diet may be the reason.

You want that performance edge

Worried your not going to finish your next race? Disappointed with recent results?

Sport is just not as fun as it used to be

Your crippled with cramps, struggling through the final stage of comp and recovery is not as easy as it used to be.

Do you have ongoing weight loss or weight gain?

Being an athlete requires a lot of energy and that requires matching your energy needs with your food intake.

Is your sports performance not where you want it to be?

You know you can take it up a notch, you’re doing the training but your body just isn’t coming to the party.

There’s a battlefield going on inside your head

You just don’t have a winning mindset yet.

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If so, then you are in the exact place you should be. Let’s talk about your goals as an athlete and how we could work together to help you reach your health, wellness and performance goals.

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Who are we? Who is Nourishment?


Hi, I’m Mim and this is Paolo and together we make Nourish-Meant. We are two passionate health professionals. We practice what we preach, an when we’re not helping you reach your peak, you can find us love hurtling down a local mountain on a bike or skis. We both believe there is no one size fits all or magic bullet to getting the PB you are after, the gold medal after each race, and getting to the peak of your performance. What we can say though, is that eating to win and having the right mindset will get you further than ever before if you get both of them aligned. Nourish-Meant is here to help you do just that.


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FINDing that performance edge for your next competition

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