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We know with the right support, you can achieve your goals. You love being competitive, hell, we do too! You are excited by setting goals and achieving them. Don’t we all? Does your sport make you feel like you are part of a community? You want to be the best you can be and you’re ready to put the hard work in.


working together

What working together looks like


This is all up to you, because you can work with just Mim, you can work with just Paolo, but….. your going to get the best results by working with both of us. It’s a bit like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have one without the other (or you can, but it’s just not as good!).


One MONTH Package – $400

This one-month package is designed for someone who is active and does not necessarily compete but trains regularly in a gym or sport of choice.

You will gain an understanding of how to support your day-to-day activity levels with the best nutrition, and how to stay on track to achieving your goals.

– You will gain an understanding of what to eat to achieve your unique goals

– You will understand your WHY, and how to keep your training enjoyable

– This is not a one-size-fits all approach!


1 x initial + 1 x review with nutritionist Mim to set up your nutrition plan to match your training program, review how you have gone with implementation, troubleshooting what’s working and what isn’t

1 x initial with Paolo to explore your mindset and training plan

Unlimited email support for one month & 10 healthy recipes, ready in under 30 minutes


6 WEEKS – $600

This 3 month package is the ultimate race package designed to have you in peak condition, with a support crew all the way.

Benefits of the Performance Package:

– Support your day-to-day training, performance and recovery with optimal nutrition

– Understand what to eat to achieve your unique goals

– Manage your dietary intake to cater to training days vs rest days and competition day

– Understand how/if/when/why to use supplements that may be of benefit to you

– Support to stay on track and accountable with fortnightly check ins with Paolo

– Work through any dietary challenges and food intolerances to ensure you’re at your peak

– This is not a one-size-fits all approach!

– Bonus: shopping list, label reading resource, 10 recipes

How it works:

You will have an initial consult with Miriam and Paolo, together

You will receive an explicit personalised, calculated training meal plan based on your RMR/BMR

You will receive a personalised strength and conditioning training plan, specific to your sport

You will receive an event meal plan to support optimal performance on competition day

Mid program and end of program check ins with Mim and Paolo

Voxer support in between sessions so you have us in your back pocket

6 Weeks to Peak

6 WEEK Package – $500

This package is all about your growth and mindset so you can achieve your audacious goals.

Achieve your personal best in every aspect of your life. We will build a personal vision for success and strategise around how to achieve it.

Benefits of the 6 Weeks to Peak Program:

– You will create your personal vision. Whether you’re working towards a healthier outlook, trying to get on top of your stress, develop a positive outlook, or overcome fears that are holding you back

– You will set weekly goals and strategies for achieving them

– You will work through your personal values and how they relate to the goals you have set

– You will have a clear path for success

How it works:

1 initial plus fortnightly appointments with Paolo

Training plans & Voxer support

+ Workbooks, goal setting worksheets, assertiveness worksheets, gratitude logs, performance affirmations, self awareness workbook, your personal game plan and much more

Frequesntly Asked Questions -

No. Remember, its your journey an everyone’s needs are different. We will only refer you between us if we see a benefit to you. The same way that we won’t refer you to any other services unless we see a place for them in achieving your goals.

Dietitians specialise in medical nutrition therapy. That is, they are trained in treating patients with serious medical conditions in hospital.

A Nutritionist specialises in providing nutrition advice for health. That is, you can come to see us for things such as weight loss, general health advice, food intolerances, sports nutrition and injuries, to name a few.

As you can see on my About Me page, I have completed my Nutrititionist training at university. This required 1.5 years of full time-study (including summer semester) in addition to my undergraduate qualifications in basic human biology.

I am also registered with the Nutrition Society of Australia which means that I am required to undertake regular professional development in nutrition, which keeps me up to date with research and current trends.

People who know who they are, what they need to do to be successful, and how they need to do it are more confident, experience less performance anxiety and procrastination, and consistently perform at or near the peak of their abilities.

A Wellness Coach can:
• Help you unlock your potential and find the right mindset for success
• Build your confidence in your ability to make successful behaviour changes
• Be your partner in making long term changes
• Increase your knowledge and skills to maintain positive changes and continue to improve health
• Improve your health and decrease your risk of chronic disease

Absolutely! “Performance” is our middle name! Of you’re driven and are ready to unlock your potential – we’re here as your partners

Nutrition consults are eligible for rebates through most private health funds. But please note that the amount will vary between funds and it is your responsibility to determine your level of cover and whether my services are included under your plan.

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