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Nourish-meant is more than a gym. We are an inclusive performance centre

Your wellness destination for body and mind

Delivering measurable results and tailored experiences, our clients thrive on rewarding sessions, encouraging people of all fitness levels to join our community.

Nourish-Meant is a private small studio at the foot of Mt Stromlo in Denman Prospect. Our experienced instructors run sessions indoors and in the beautiful bushland surrounds.

Knowledge is Power

Enjoy our personal atmosphere with a maximum of four clients at any one time.

Programs are tailored to meet individual goals. Paolo’s elite sporting background means he can help clients who want more specialised training, while equally supporting health and fitness goals, stress management and wellbeing.

With our support, you will build a toolbox and training in nutrition, mindset and movement all in one place. You’re a whole person – and all of these factors contribute to your success so they form the foundations of all of our programs.

A common scenario:

You're doing relatively well with your fitness and diet...

You've established a routine and you've finally developed your exercise habit to the point where the inertia that used to suck you back into the couch when it was time to work out is no longer as powerful...

And then, a hard training session leaves you injured. The momentum is gone.

small & private training

We run small group and private training for this exact reason- to prevent injury. We are all about teaching you the correct technical skills and biomechanics over trying to lift heavy, for heavy’s sake. And we take a whole person approach, including your training mindset on the day and your nutrition as part of your membership – so we have no extra hidden fees!

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Inclusions and Amenities

Private ShowERS

two instructed sessions per week

Indoor & bushland training

Initial Nutrition Assessment

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Do you have a class timetable?

We run classes throughout the day, with before and after work being our most popular times. However, because we choose to keep our class sizes small and run a lot of 1:1 or 1:2 training sessions, we don’t have a ‘drop in’ timetable. If you have a particular day and time in mind, get in touch and we will work with you to accommodate your personal preferences.

What working with Paolo looks like

Paolo takes all classes personally. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, registered with ASCA. More than this, he has competed as an athlete at an international level and has over 3 decades of experience as a race coach. Having suffered a severe head injury as a young cocky racer, leaving him in a coma, Paolo is passionate about working with clients within their ability, and progressively working beyond.

Types of Memeberships

We offer 3, 6 and 12 month memberships for small groups and 1:1 training


Memberships include 2x 60min classes per week + No sign Up Fees


One-on-One personal training, is just you and your trainer. A combination of training outdoors, on the trails and in our private studio


Two-on-one personal training, train as a couple or with your best friend. Share the costs and save

Small Group

Small Group Personal training, with 3 or more. Train as a family, with a group of friends or meet some of our other clients and build new friendships through shared fitness and health goals

All membership levels include nutrition support.

We also offer a number of ski specific packages seasonally throughout the year.

what others are saying....

"Paolo has a lifetime of knowledge, patience and character to match 3 people. A true asset" LN

"Paolo is excellent in explaining the theory behind what he is teaching and then helping you put it all into action" FN

"Paolo is the best coach I have ever had the pleasure of being trained by" RG

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